Do you remember your calling?

The earth, our beautiful planet has a heart within which is found all the secrets, all the energies necessary for magic, harmony and beauty to reign upon her. 

The Jaguar is the guardian of the Earths heart, the herald of the altars, of the sacred places and magic, he knows that that the most important altar is in our hearts. 

This retreat is an invitation to all those who feel a calling to recognize the energy centers of the earth, who want to listen to them, to activate them once again trough activating the altar they hold within. For 7 days the Jaguar will teach us how to caretake of our energy, how to connect with our instinct, awakening our beauty, intuition and magic, guided by the Mayan wisdom. 

We will meet with Mayan Elders, keepers of this wisdom, we will meet the weavers and connect with my beloved lake Atitlan, cradle of elders wisdom. 

We will wander trough the energetic centers of lake Atitlan and the lagoon of Chicabal, one of the most important ceremonial centers of the Maya tradition, to remember our connection with the heart of the earth.


This is a journey of high magic, of presence and listening. We will learn directly form the elements, from listening to the fire, the wind, the earth and the water, we will learn the poetry of nature and how to walk in a different way on this earth.

You will remember how to be a planetary activator, opening the path you came to walk on this earth, the one that is needed at this time. We will be captivated by the beauty of lake Atitlan and will spend our days and nights by its shore. 

Are you ready to listen to your calling?

This retreat is for you if...

What Will You Recibe?


3 Tz´i

Creating justice, the messages that can reach our ancestors.

2 pm

Arrival in Guatemala. We will meet at Guatemala City airport to go, all together, to lake Atitlan.

6 pm

Arrival in lake Atitlan. Creation of the welcoming altar, invocation of justice, calling in the Jaguar. Welcome dinner.

4 B´atz

The 4 Pilars that weave our destiny, preparing to sow who we are.

6 am

Fire ceremony at dawn, invocation of the 4 Jaguars.

Balam Quitze, Fire.
Balam Acab, Earth.
Mahucutah, Water.
Iqui-Balam, Air.

Calling the 4 directions and the 4 Pilars of destiny. Building tranquility and confidence.

9 am

10 am
Welcome and rebirth ceremony.

¿Where are you placing your energy?

What is a vortex, portal and sacred site?

Activation of the vortices that sustain your life. Reconnecting with the healthy feminine.

12 pm

1 pm
Encounter with the power, beauty and magic of the Jaguar.

Who have I believed I am? Who am I really?

Activating my inner power, letting go of effort.

What is the destiny im weaving according to the Mayan Calendar?

3 pm

Sound Journey – Sound Touch Session.

Listening to the nature spirits. Removing trauma form the body, re-sensitizing.

Letting go of conditioning and fear beliefs, the sense of not deserving In the body.

6 pm

5 Ee
The essence of the path, it is put essence that opens the path.

6 am
Trip to the lagoon of Chicabal, sacred site of the altars for the 20 Nahuales of mayan wisdom.

9 am
Breakfast. Walking the sacred site f the 20 altars, Mayan Fire Ceremony to open the path.

Listening and recognizing the vortices in the lagoon within the crater of a volcano.

Learn to listen to the clouds. Activating intuition, initiation in the path as Earth activators.

Learn how to make rain, awakening the sweet water in our body to awaken our essence.

3 pm
Return to lake Atitlan, Lunch.

6 pm

6 Aj
Putting our power in motion, awaken our virtues.

6 am
Practices at dawn at the lake.

Dancing from the bones, awakening the inner jaguar.

Initiation in the path of Altars.

9 am

10 am
Journey to the center of the lake to listen to the waters and feel the vortex that exists under it, deep listening of who we really are.

12 pm

1 pm
The path of the Jaguar in Mayan Wisdom.

Rewriting history in our bodies, tracing our path.

Awakening magic.

3 pm

4 pm
Chocoecstatic Dance.

Initiation ceremony in the Path of the Jaguar, discovering what we have been called for.

6 pm

7 Ix
The power of beauty, the magic of the Jaguar Woman, rebirth of the feminine.

6 am
Practice at dawn.

8 am

9 am
Journey to San Juan, Town of weavers.

Mayan fire ceremony with Mimi Navichoc, invoking beauty, learning to work with altars and listening to the fire.

Dyeing with medicinal plants that weaken the magic, recall and magic of Nahual Ix.

2:30 pm
Ceremonial food with the weaving women.

4 pm
Visit to the weaving women Coop, learning to listen to the cotton in the house of the guardians of the woven thread.

5 pm
Free time to visit San Jaun, it’s murals and art.

7 pm
Return to San Marcos.

7:30 pm

Ceremonial Concert.

8 Tz´ikin
The sacred abundance, the memory of our endless power.

4 am
Hike to Rostro Maya mountain to see the dawn. Learn to take energy from the vortices on the top of the mountains.

Opening our unlimited power, bringing our vision to the body.

9 am

10 am
Free time for Mayan Calendar readings, massages, visits to town.

12 pm

3 pm

4 pm
Closing Ceremony.

Giving birth to the Path of the Jaguar.

Photo session.

Fire, ceremonial concert.

8 pm
Dinner and celebration.

9 Ajmac

6 am
Ancestral practices at dawn.

9 am

10 am
Free time

12 pm
Departir to Antigua or the airport.

Welcome your magic.

How Can I Participate?

Reserve your place in the retreat by making your payment trough Stripe or PayPal .


 There is a $200 USD discount for those who reserve their spot by Sunday 7th. 


There is a 5% over the total price if you pay trough PayPal. 

*There are no reimbursements.


What is included?

7 nights of lodging with 3 delicious meals daily. 

Ceremonies, rituales, teachings and guides. 

Visit to the town of San Juan, the town of weavers. 

Visit to the lagoon of Chicabal. Choco Ecstatic dance. 

Soundjourney. Ceremonial concert. 


1 Chiropractic adjustment with a local healer. 

Transportation within the lake. 

Transportation from the airport to lake Atitlan. 

Dyeing workshop with medicinal plants and weaving demonstration. 

Mayan fire ceremonies.


What is NOT included?

Alcoholic beverages. 

Transportation from lake Atitlan back to the airport. 


Mayan calendar reading. 

Extra massages. 



About the facilitator

Azul Anaité

Ceremonialist, guardian of the sacred feminine, she facilitates workshops, gatherings and trainings for all those who wish to awaken their magic, find the gifts and virtues hidden in their history, as well as remembering how to take nature as a guide.


Azul was born in Guatemala and was brought up in Mexico. Her parents seeded in her a love for justice, culture the ancestral memory and life. She has learned and been close to elders of different traditions.

She had given birth to 4 children and with each birth she has awaken as a midwife of wisdom.

She has created a number of transformation processes for awakening and re-connecting. She guides others to awaken their magic by sharing the magic that lives within them.

What do our participants say?

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Retreat In Lake Atitlan

The Path Of The Jaguar
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